Five Kinds Of Nutrients For The Health Of Eyes


There is a saying: "the eyes can be a window into their hearts", which clearly shows the great importance to the human eye. So what nutrients we take, to make our eyes healthy and bright?

First, Vitamin A:
Rhodopsin is a protein-containing compounds derived from vitamin A. If the body lacks vitamin A, the slow regeneration of rhodopsin, thereby weakening their ability to adapt to the dark and affecting the display at night. When vitamin A is enough, you can increase the brightness of the eyes, and make the eyes bright. Foods rich in vitamin A include chicken, lamb, liver, cod liver oil, eggs, and dairy products.

Second, vitamin B1:
Vitamin B1 is an essential nutrient for the maintenance and participate in the function and metabolism of nerve cells (including cells of the optic nerve). Lack of vitamin B1 will be a dry eye, and even can cause inflammation of the optic nerve. Moreover, vitamin B1 also has the effect of smoothing the wrinkles, which can prevent and delay the formation of wrinkles on the eyelids and skin. Foods that contain lots of vitamins B1, thin, peanuts, maize, millet, beans, mushrooms, and so forth. In addition, you should eat a little brown sugar, so it can reduce the consumption of vitamin B1.

Third, vitamin C:
Vitamin C is an essential nutrient of the lens in the eye. Lack of vitamin C can cause phacoscotasmus, which is the main cause of cataracts. Many types of fruits and vegetables contain large amounts of vitamin C, like oranges, grapefruit, fresh jujube, kiwi, and so forth.

Fourth of calcium:
Calcium is involved in a series of nerve impulses in the body. If the nerve cells (including optic nerve cells) lack of football, will easily cause visual fatigue and distraction. calcium-rich foods are shrimp, seaweed, sesame, dairy products, beans, nuts, melon seeds, etc. What's more, you have to eat vegetables that contain small amounts of oxalic acid, and vitamin D supplements in an appropriate way, to increase the absorption of calcium .

Fifth, chromium:
Chromium is a trace element essential to maintain eye health. When the body without the chrome, the function of insulin is substantially reduced. Especially if high blood sugar occurs in the body, can cause changes in osmotic pressure in crystals and aqueous humor, so that myopia. Foods rich in chromium include whole grains, fish, shrimp, shellfish, meat, eggs and so forth.

Adapted from ArticleSnatch