What We Should Know About Lasik Eye Surgery?


Though a large number of people worldwide have been benefited from LASIK eye surgery, it is a pity that there are still some people who do not know much about it but want to take it. We know we can resort to LASIK eye surgery for help to get rid of our glasses or contact lenses in our later life. However, we dont know not everyone can be suitable for the surgery and the surgery can not treat all the eye problems. So before we decide to take LASIK eye surgery, what should we pay attention to?

No doubt that LASIK eye surgery can help us a lot with our eye problems, but this does not mean everybody can be suitable for the surgery. If we want to be a good and qualified candidate for LASIK eye surgery, we should bear in mind the following points:

First, people under 18 are not qualified for LASIK eye surgery. In actual practice, even with parental consent, surgeons also can not perform the surgery. The reason is for people under 18, their eyes are not mature. It is a common case that teenagers often get different prescriptions in eye exams taken at different periods. Their eyes are growing and changing within not long period of time. So surgeons can not take LASIK eye surgery for teenagers under 18.

Second, even for people more than 18 years old, they may also not able to take this surgery. If there is vision change during the past year, it proves that people are not suitable for LASIK eye surgery. So the stable vision state is a premise for taking LASIK eye surgery.

Third, the health state of people can also influence if we can take LASIK eye surgery or not. As we may know, the poor vision may be a symptom of some medical ailments. And if people who have certain eye disease take LASIK eye surgery, other illnesses will affect their vision in their later life. As a result, the LASIK eye surgery will come in vain.

Another concern we care about is the cost of LASIK eye surgery. For most of us, LASIK eye surgery does not mean a small amount of money. As a matter of fact, the cost of LASIK eye surgery varies greatly. The different cost is mainly due to different places, the qualification and experience of the surgeon, the new technology involved in the surgery and so on. Statistics have shown that the price of LASIK eye surgery in the west of the USA is the highest, and in the south of the USA is the lowest, moreover, the price keep increasing in all areas in recent years.

Homas Carter