Tips For Buying Glasses For Kids


As the number of options regarding children glasses are on the rise, the process of buying a pair for your kids has become a tedious. There are countless prescription glasses now available which a whole range of looks and colours and designs, and almost all of them are cheap. But while buying glasses for kids, the first concern should be safety. It is a known fact that children are more susceptible to accidents, whether in the playground or home or school. Thus, children needs prescription glasses which are strong and offer more protection to your eyesight than the regular prescription glasses.

To ensure the best safety for your children, you should always buy prescription glasses with polycarbonate lenses. More durable and stronger than the regular lenses, polycarbonate lenses carry the added advantage of being light-weight. These lenses are constructed out of materials which are almost similar to the material used to create bulletproof glass, and it makes the polycarbonate lenses shatter proof. The shatter proof nature of the lenses protects a childs eyes from pieces of flying glasses or plastics when they are hit by a ball or bat. Thats why polycarbonate lenses have become the preferred choice of many doctors when they suggest prescription glasses for children. Polycarbonate lenses also have built-in ultraviolet coating which offers protection from the harmful ultra-violet rays of the sun.

The ideal prescription glasses for children should also have lenses with an anti scratch coating. Children are forgetful when it comes to leaving glasses at a safe place or careless when it comes to taking care of the prescription glasses. Scratch-resistant coating keeps the lenses long-lasting and results in a better and clearer vision for the longest duration.

One must also choose a safety frame to hold the polycarbonate lenses. Safety sports frames are designed in such a way that they hold up to high impact from fast-moving balls or heavy racquets. These frames can be purchased online at various sites dealing with both designer glasses and cheap prescription glasses.

Finally, you have to keep buying new frames to adjust with the growing age of your children. As the children keep increasing in age, their facial structures keep changing too. As they change, the choice and the size of the frame need to be updated too. If the above tips are followed carefully, finding the right pair of prescription glasses for children will become an effortless process.