Disadvantages We Should Know About Lasik Eye Surgery


Though LASIK eye surgery is reported to have several merits, such as no pain, less complications, higher successful rate and shorter recovery time, it also has disadvantages just as a coin has two sides. So before deciding to take this surgery, we must make ourselves fully notice these disadvantages, or else, we maybe dissatisfied with the treating result. Therefore, the following will introduce some disadvantages of LASIK eye surgery in order to help people to know more about it.

The first disadvantage is people may need to take repeat surgeries. After the first surgery, it may not achieve a satisfied treating effect, so people need to take follow-up procedures to further improve peoples vision. The advantage for the repeat surgeries is peoples vision can be further improved. And the down side is people have to face the pressure of repeat surgeries, and of course pay more money for the surgeries.
Second, as we know, the after-care is critically important for the success of the surgery. After the surgery, patients are required to follow up a lot of aftercare. They need to take some medicines, and visit their eye doctor for eye test at the regulated time, which may take several months for the after care. Anyway, this is more convenient nowadays, and we can visit our eye doctor for the follow up at a regular basis and usually they will ask for small price for the after care service.

Third, after LASIK eye surgery, patients may suffer from the complication like halos and glares, especially at night. The most common cause for this complication is the flap does not adhere correctly after cutting and returning back to its original position by the surgeon. However, in common cases, halos and glares will disappear automatically within the first month after the surgery; if not, patients may need to have additional treatment for this complication.

Last but not least, for most of us, LASIK eye surgery is not a small amount of money, but the insurance plan usually does not cover this cost as this is considered to be elective, so we should pay out of pocket or resort to other financing plans for help. So if we can not afford the cost but are eager to take this surgery, we should consult with our insurance company or turn to surgeons or LASIK vision centers for help as they will offer some installment plans for the surgery.

Just like a coin, LASIK eye surgery also has its pros and cons. Therefore, before taking this surgery, we must make ourselves fully-educated of the surgery by reading books or reviews of the surgery, consulting with our eye doctors and so on.