Corneal Replacement Surgery Is it Right for You?


These days, there are countless advancements in the field of corrective vision. People suffering from all manner of sight-reducing ailments can often find assistance or complete cures for their problems. Recently, additional discoveries in the once radical practice of corneal replacements have further expanded the potential for people to have clear and crisp vision. Even those with corneas beyond repair can experience the benefits of corneal replacement, and they can enjoy a world with near-perfect sight.

There are two main types of corneal replacement: DLED and DSEAK. PKP used to be the core transplant procedure, but has been somewhat outdated by these newer, more effective treatments. Both produce impressive short-term results, but as they are new procedures, long-term successes are not yet completely known.

The distinct advantage of DLEK and DSAEK lies in their ability to replace only a small section of the cornea. The specific layer of cells targeted in these procedures is responsible for regulating the transfer of fluid into the cornea, which is directly related to the ability to see. Since these processes only work to replace a small portion of this cell layer, the risk of damage and the likelihood of error is greatly reduced.

Likewise, these procedures are far less invasive and can often be performed in a fraction of the time PKP once required.

If you suspect you might be a candidate for corneal replacement, your best bet is a comprehensive exam with your eye care professional. This doctor will fully assess your eyesight needs, and offer you the viable array of procedures and treatments. If corneal replacement is a possible alternative, he will explain all the related risks and benefits, giving you the full arsenal of information needed to make such a serious, potentially life-changing decision.